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A lottery club or pool is a group of people who collectively play together and split lottery winnings. Pooling financial resources to make block lottery ticket purchases is not only legal but highly encouraged by most regulated state and national lotteries. It is estimated that over 30% of all lottery winnings are achieved through some form of a lottery pool. Without question, joining a lottery club is a common, practical strategy used among friends, family, and co-workers to HIT THE BIG JACKPOT. The Win Zillions™ online service is aimed at one goal — to provide those who wish to play the lottery more opportunities to win with same dollars played.

Win Zillions™ offers an Easy, Unique, and Fun Solution

Win Zillions™'s first of its kind online lottery club system overcomes the major limitations and challenges in pooling with friends, family, and office workers in the "offline" world and presents a unique and FUN online playing experience. Some of these limitations are listed below:

→   Coordination challenges when dealing with larger groups
→   Workplace policies prohibiting office pools on company time
→   Loss of productivity for employers
→   Communication challenges in informing pool/club members of lottery ticket details
→   Lottery play is non existent in 13 states in the U.S. which do not sponsor statewide regulated lotteries
→   Explicit rules/guidelines of engagement are not clearly spelled out in writing
→   Very little confidentiality/anonymity
→   Inability to have access to playing in other markets outside of your primary state residence
→   Workplace size limitations.Most businesses in America and around the world are small businesses that only employ a handful of workers. It is generally known that the more people involved in lottery pool/club the better. About 54% of U.S. workplaces have fewer than 5 employees; thus, precluding any meaningful opportunities to leverage resources through a sizable organized lottery pool

If you are someone who enjoys playing America’s MOST POPULAR and WIDELY PLAYED game — the lottery — Win Zillions™ is offering a first of its kind opportunity for lottery enthusiasts interested in winning and spreading the word about the Win Zillions™ service. The Win Zillions™ turn-key, online Lottery Club Store is aimed at removing any cost barriers for motivated entrepreneurs who want to participate in the $123 Billion dollar lottery industry. Without having to make a significant initial start up investment plus ongoing operational and maintenance expenses, you can be up and running within a matter of minutes. As long as your web site is active you will be entitled to lifetime commissions on all members you sign up through your lottery club store.

Can I Make Any Money with a Win Zillions™ Lottery Club Store?

For every member that you sign up to the Win Zillions™ network, we will reward you $2.00 for every club entry over $25.00 and $1.00 for every club entry under $25.00. As long as your web site is active you will be entitled to lifetime commissions on all members you sign up through your lottery club store. SPECIAL PROMOTION : For all storefront club owners, receive $5 for EVERY member who joins our NEW $20/320-chance club.

In addition to the above commissions, all active Lottery Club stores will be automatically enrolled in our Share The Winnings™ program. In an effort to reward those who SPREAD THE WORD about our online lottery network, Win Zillions™ will share a significant portion of its winnings with those online Lottery Stores whose members PLAY and WIN.

Example : If you signup a member who joins a 10 entry lottery club that ultimately wins, say $10,000,000 , the Share The Winnings™ program will deposit $50,000 dollars into your account (less taxes of course).

  Total Winnings Of Club = $10,000,000
  Win Zillions™ Share of Winnings = $1,000,000 ($10,000,000 divided by 10 total entries)
  Total Share The Winnings™ Payout to YOU! = $50,000

In the example above, if all members in this club signed up through your storefront you will have received $450,000!!!

The bottom line of the Share The Winnings™ program is that if your members PLAY and WIN , you also WIN!!!

How can I track my commissions and member sign-ups?

Win Zillions™ offers detailed membership, store sign-ups, and earning reports with your online Lottery Club Store. Our dedicated and experienced technology staff has dedicated many hours in making the administration of your website EASY. We are constantly investing significant resources to improve our systems and anticipate many enhancements over the coming year.

Will there be additional service and income offerings from GroupPLAY?

Absolutely!!! The staff of Win Zillions™ is hard at work developing exciting new services and opportunities for members and lottery club store partners. Stay Tuned!!!! 2004 is going to be a VERY exciting year.

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Win Zillions™ will waive the $99 for the first 5,000 lottery club members who sign up. Promotion ends December 31, 2004.

4453 Lotto Club Stores have already signed up. Only 547 stores remaining for the special offer.

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